The Justice Tanko Amadu Committee that was set up to investigate the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) and some of its members who were involved in the Australia 2018 Commonwealth Games saga has presented its findings to the GOC President Ben Nunoo Mensah today at the Liberty Towers at Ridge in Accra.

In presenting the report, Justice Tanko commended the GOC for being bold to initiate the decision to make some of its members involved in the alleged visa scandal face the probe committee.

According to him, it is a mark of good leadership, ethical practise, mark of transparency and accountability by the GOC to ensure that people learn from their faults or mistakes.

Receiving the report, Ben Nunoo Mensah thanked the committee for their time and energies in investigating the scandal, and promised that the recommendations would be implemented to make the GOC a better organization.

He said the findings would be presented to the GOC board at its next meeting.
“I hope and pray we have leant our lessons, and won’t repeat the same mistakes in the future. The GOC must redeem its prestigious and enviable image to regain the confidence of Ghanaians and corporate Ghana” he expressed.

The Disciplinary / Grievance / Dispute Resolution Committee was made up of Justice Tanko Amadu as Chairman, and Madam Gifty Annan-Myers, former President of Ghana Rugby Union and Patron of SWAG as well as Peter Kpordugbe, a former GOC President and Director of National Service as members.


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