The family of a 14-year-old girl who was allegedly defiled by a 60-year-old Yemeni man in December 2017 are now living in fear in Ghana.

 Hassan Zein, a Lebanese businessman who is leading the family to seek justice for the young girl has been terrorized by the suspect who claimed Hassan is a drug baron.

According to reports, the suspect, Omar Mohammed Mahmud has hired gunmen to terrorize them.

Lawyer for the family, Justice Abdulai addressing the media in Accra said the suspect and his gunmen are using death threats, character assassination and defamation to rundown the businessman.

These all started in December 2017, when the 14-year-old Anoud Jibril on her way to school was allegedly defiled by Omar.

The suspect was released shortly after he was arrested and later disappeared from the scene after his attempt to get the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, to resolve the matter failed.

The lawyer said the suspect, who now lives in Spintex popped up somewhere in October, 2018 with some Yemeni gunmen and dangerous weapons without proper documentation and are allegedly engaging in broad day terror and shooting at the businessman and his family.

He added that the gunmen led by the suspect allegedly visited the offices of the businessman, Hassan Zein who decided to pick the matter up again to stay away.

They swore heaven and earth to deal with the family of the allege 14yr old who was raped if they (the family) don’t back off the case and allow the matter to die also.

Lawyer Abdulai stressed that the constant threats and daily shootings at the premises of his companies, character assassination on social media as a dubious businessman has compelled him to lay off over 5000 workers and closed down almost 100 businesses in the country to save the lives of his workers.

He alleged that even though the bad activities of Omar Mohammed Mahmud and his cohorts have been reported to the Police, not much appears to be done, as the suspect succeeded in using the names of the President of Ghana and some high ranked personalities to pave way for his unlawful activities.

The lawyer added that the suspect and his gunmen in a latest incident allegedly fired gun shots in the residence of the victim’s family on Sunday the 22nd December 2018, at around 1am.

He is calling on the President Akuffo Addo, I.G.P and all the security agencies to act fast to save their lives and businesses from further collapse.

The victim is allegedly still receiving medical treatment after the traumatic incidence that took place and wish the case to end well and for the family to start doing business again.

The law must surely take its place and justice be served as well.

Story by Cecil Stanley Nii Teiko Tagoe.


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