Some top women grandmasters tend to say that their chess is more exciting because they play less draws. That theory was supported more in the first round of the Inaugural Cairns Cup in St. Louis with four out of five games ending decisively.
The Saint Louis Chess Club gets first honors in 2019 by staging a brand new top tournament for women only.
A 10-player round robin started on Wednesday in St. Louis and runs until February 15 with one round per day, and a rest day on the 11th. At stake is a $150,000 prize fund with the top three finishers receiving $40,000, $30,000, and $20,000 respectively.
With two players from the world’s top 10, the field is not as strong as the organizers would have liked to see ,mainly due to some players having to decline due to not getting their U.S. visa ready in time, the tournament was announced relatively late and it’s still a great group of players.



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