The Ministry of Energy has inaugurated a nine Board Member Committee to enhance the manufacturing of Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) cylinder and other metal fabricated products in the West African sub-region.

The Board is constituted to promote wider usage of LPG as a substitute for charcoal and firewood and as well curtail some of our environmental challenges of degradation, deforestation and desertification caused by excessive use of firewood.

The names of the board members as follows:

1 Alhaji Abubakar Abdul Rahman (Chairman)
(2) Madam Frances Awarabene Asiam ( Member)
(3) Awulae Annor Adjaye III (Member)
(4) Nana Forson Danso(Member)
(5) Hon. Angelina Baiden Amissah (Member)
(6) Mr. Crisler Akwei Ankrah (Member)
(7) Mr. Kwadwo N. Poku (Member)
(8)Mr. Micheal Abbiw (Member)
( 9) Hon. Wahab Suhiyini Wumbei (Member).

Hon. Joseph Cudjoe, the Deputy Minister for Energy admonished the board to adhere to the company code, 1963 (Act179) and accordingly perform their duty diligently.

Story By Kofi Dwumah


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