An ex-girlfriend of Seidu Mba, has responded to moves by the National Democratic Congress to disassociate themselves from her beleaguered boyfriend after being arrested for kidnapping two Canadian girls in the Ashanti Region.

Zaahirah Zafeerah, claims it came to her as sad news when she got to know Sammy Gyamfi and some members of the NDC were denying Seidu when he needed them most.

According to her, “I see it as cruel, considering how helpful Seidu has been to these people. I remember very well how he struggled and risked his life only to protect even persons in the NDC, including Sammy Gyamfi when they came to Kumasi.”

In an address by the National Communication Officer of the NDC, Sammy Gyamfi, he stated that “The ringleader of this syndicate, who goes by the name SEIDU YAKUBU (aka Mba), has identified himself as a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Speaking on Kumasi-based Fox FM, Seidu openly declared that he is a known member of the New Patriotic Party, and in fact, the Founder of the Aboabo Fun Club of the NPP. This evidence is incontrovertible proof of Seidu’s membership of the NPP.”

But Zafeerah responded stating that “it hurts badly when he comes out so swiftly to deny Seidu at a time he needs his party, the NDC most. During the just ended congress of the NDC, Seidu could be seen mobilizing macho men for Sammy, Joseph Yasmin and some other persons, so how could they turn around to deny ever knowing him.I even heard they claim he’s an NPP member now. That is very disgusting and it clearly tells how ungrateful some of these persons in the NDC could be”, she said.

According to her, unlike the NPP who stand by their people when they are in trouble, the NDC does the opposite.

“We all saw how Chairman Wontumi hired lawyers for the members of the Delta force when they were placed before court. During that time he even went to their family members to support them with money. But, what are we seeing from Sammy Gyamfi and the others in the NDC? It’s really inhuman. It is only Joseph Yasmin who has shown concern and I thank him.

I will not say anything against them; I will only thank them especially Sammy Gyamfi”.



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