The President of the Ghana Swimming Association in the person of Theophilus Wilson Edzie was suspended by the board members of the association in connection with the Commonwealth Games Visa Scandal that rocked the country. After thorough investigation done by the board who suspended the President , they found out the truth about the  whole saga and they have now decided to reinstate the President back to assume full responsibility of the Association.It was alleged that he was one of the key figures in the visa racketeering at the Commonwealth Games that was held in Australia, Gold Coast in April this year and today he walks as a happy man again to head the Swimming Association.

Moving on I will edge the board to make sure that all the executives of the association should work within their jurisdiction to make the association one of the best in the country and the back biting and sabotage from other executives should be a thing of the past. I believe when they meet to deliberate on swimming issues all the executives will settle their differences and move on as a united front because a house that is divided can never stand united.

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Story by Cecil Stanley Nii Teiko Tagoe


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